Practice, Practice, Practice

That's been my mantra of late--my go-to hashtag on Instagram as well. It seems to be doing the job because I find myself really trying to get in a daily sketch or doodle and posting them.

When I learned how do simple animation, I kept at it. You saw some in the previous post. I've done more since then but kept things simple. I'll save the others for future posts.

Today I started watching the first videos of the Exploring Klass(Sketchbook Skool)so future sketch practices will definitely be based on the lessons. 

There was a bit of a distraction, though. The other day, I washed my white sneakers. Warmer weather's coming and the sneakers still bore signs of my wearing them last year even in wet weather. 

I quickly learned that white sneakers don't dry white. Maybe it's because I let them dry naturally. Whatever it was, I ended up with streaky sneakers which really bothered me more than the original whiteness did.

Obsessing over my work happens a lot. My sneakers have nothing to do with work but I found myself thinking about them. Last night, it hit me that they were paintable so I made a mental note to write that into my bullet journal.

I was going to schedule the painting for another day. My journal's to-do page already had a couple of things listed. Well, while listening to Danny (of the Sketchbook Skool I mentioned), the sneakers kept calling out for attention. Next thing I knew, I was hauling out my box of fabric paint. 

While Danny was encouraging students to be kind to themselves, I was painting my sneakers a nice buttercream with touches of terra cotta. While he was talking about cross hatching, I was adding leaves.

I'll work on Danny's homework tomorrow. The sneakers will have no reason to bother me then.


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