Octobers and Beginnings

My favorite month has always been September. It's when I was born so what's not to like? As soon as September rolls in, my husband treats each day as if it were already my birthday. I start waxing nostalgic when I hear Try To Remember from The Fantastiks. It's the birth month of the Blessed Mother, it heralds the coming of a change in the weather. In the Philippines, September is when malls start playing Christmas music. That's not one of the reasons why I like September--I just thought it was a nice trivia tidbit to put in.

But now it's October and as I was sitting here, telling myself it's time to work on a blog entry, I realized that October has to be a month of change and beginnings for me. Not too many, really, just a couple. But they were biggies.

I got married in October. That was a big one, especially for the person I was back then. I didn't think I was marriage material and my dad, unable to contain his anxiety, asked my grandmother, "What if she loses interest at some point?"

My grandmother, Mama Nena, told me that story although she never told me what her answer was. Maybe she had faith in me. After all, I spent quite a bit of time in her room when I was little. She saw how I doggedly pursued the art of learning how to knit and crochet and to sew clothes for my dolls. Maybe marriage was going to be that kind of a project for me as well. 33 years later, I'm still married to the same man so I'm going say she was right.

October is also the month when we got on a plane and flew halfway across the world to begin a new life here in the United States. In fact, this October marks our 7th year. Sometimes it feels as if we've been here longer. I didn't come here as a young child or even a young adult. I came soon after I crossed over to my golden years. Family and friends helped make the transition easier although now that we've moved to a different state and I know all of three people, it's become a bit of a challenge.

But as October is my month of change (let's say I'm going with the flow and going by way of the trees that are themselves beginning to undergo their own transitions), I've been toying with the idea of making more changes.

The first one actually began last month when a friend invited the hubby and me to work with them. We looked at the business, liked it, and decided to go for it. So now, I'm with Worldventures and I can actually look forward to taking trips to places I've only been saying I'd like to visit one day.

The next change has to do with my artwork. I fell in love with surface design, collage, printmaking, and learning so many new techniques. I have to confess, though, that for the most part, I saw making art as a source of income. That has to change because it colors the way I make my art. Rather than being true to myself, I find that I'm looking at the latest trends, creating what I think people will like instead of making the kind of art that I actually love to make.

When I was young, it never mattered to me what was trending and what was not. It never mattered that I didn't follow the norms of the day or what reputation I garnered for going against the flow. I guess I just want to go back to being that person. Besides, I'm at the age where what anyone says really shouldn't turn things upside-down for me anymore.

I'm putting this decision out there so that if I find myself faltering, I can go back to this entry to pick up some bravado. It does take courage to be who we are in a world that expects differently.

So the plan is to keep making art that is true to myself, share the fun of being a Worldventures member, create a handmade picture book, and finish both the paper-pieced quilt and the boho granny square throw in time for them to be of use in the winter. That should keep me busy!

And because it's Inktober:

My theme this year is Everyday Things.


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