New Home, New Studio

A month and almost two days later, I'm sitting in what's become my new workspace. This time, it's not only a workspace, it's actually a room! I'd say it's an almost perfect room that's right next to the kitchen (not because I love being in the kitchen, which I don't, but because of the sink!) with lots of natural light and a window that faces the garden. It's the carpet that forces me to use the "almost" but really, I love it here.

The neighborhood is more quiet since it's not a main street we're on. My husband asked if I missed the sound of the ambulance sirens (back in CT, we lived across from a hospital). Over here, it's mostly the sound of the train that I hear and a neighbor's radio or TV shows. 

The weeks have gone by quickly and so far, we've got the spaces in some sort of order. There are still a few things that haven't quite found their places yet but the duplex comes with a basement and it's a great catchall while we're transitioning. We have yet to find the right sofa for the living room too.

This is a view of the garden from where I'm sitting. Right now it's a pretty scrappy looking space and I happen to not have a green thumb. But I'm also no stranger to trying out new things so maybe I can transform this space at some point. I'm open to suggestions and instructions, by the way, so give me your two cents' worth if you're up to it! 

Meanwhile, the move has forced me to make changes with the work I do, with my business, and even my business name. I found out that moving an LLC isn't as simple as changing the address. I had to first dissolve The Pink Net.

I think it's actually a good thing because for a while now, the idea of switching out from The Pink Net to MonetteStudio (which is the name of my website) has been swimming around in my head. I have too many names out there. Other than those two, I go by paperwitheverything on Instagram and HFTS on Twitter. The only explanation I can give for this is that I was doing something different each time I created the accounts! And it's true too. 

And so today, I started working on my website by redesigning the whole thing. I scrapped all the pages and started from zero. It's still in the works but if you care to take a peek, it's right here.

I've also been painting furniture! There's nothing like being able to transform something with paint. I plan to do more of that so I'm going to be scouring flea markets and thrift shops for sure. Here are photos of the Ikea chest of drawers that was passed on to me:

I started painting before I remembered to take a real "before" shot.

Here it is with the final coating of chalk paint.

All done with the knobs from India that I found at a Hobby Lobby. I made a stencil of a Sarimanok and used a small scrap from an easy carve block to make the triangle border.

Closeup of the Sarimanok

I'm looking forward to the changes that will be coming each day as I work on the website as well as on new projects. Hope to see you there!


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