April always reminds me of a cartoon I used to watch as a child. It was a Harveytoons cartoon called Little Audrey. In this particular cartoon, she was upset about it being a rainy day. She wishes that the rain would go away and never come back. And it happens. The rain doesn't come back. She has to go and visit the Rainmaker (I'm calling him that even when I'm not sure that's his name because that's the one that came to mind). Of course his feelings were hurt when he heard her make that wish and in spite of her begging, he chooses not to send more rain.

Then Little Audrey starts singing April Showers, which moves the Rainmaker and brings him to tears. He cries buckets and once again, the earth is watered and flowers grow and everyone's happy.

So whenever it rains in April, I tell myself that it's for the flowers that will bloom in May.

When this year's Spring made its timid entry (and I didn't realize how timid until it started to snow over the weekend), the ladies in the flower shop downstairs gifted us with tulips. They were gorgeous pink beauties with perfect full-bodied stems and leaves--the kind you can plop into a vase and they'd be perfect.

The photo shows them in bright pink but in reality, the shade of pink they wore was much more delicate. Waking up to them every morning was a treat. I made sure to put that in my gratitude journal.

Now if you look past the flowers, you'll have a glimpse of my newfound while-watching-tv-activity. I used to crochet and then moved on to playing games on the iPad. Playing games on the iPad can be really relaxing although my preference for time management games can sometimes be anything but. That had to change, though, because after a while, I began to look for something to do that was more useful and creative. And portable. 

On one of my trips to Joanne's I spotted ready-made templates for paper piecing hexagon quilts. The lightbulb turned on and next thing I knew, I was putting fat quarters that came in black and white prints into my basket. To date, I have 234 hexagons, most of them sewn together, a few about to be. I also have a sore middle finger from getting jabbed by what I thought was the blunt end of the needle. It'd be nice to say that I'm halfway through with the quilt but that's not true. I probably need 234 more hexagons plus whatever it'll take to make the edges. Then there's the whole process of turning the whole thing into an actual quilt. 

I've never made one, by the way. This is my first quilt. I'm going to attempt to hand-quilt it but if I get frustrated, I may just take the whole thing to a quilt shop and beg for help.

On another note, it seems there's a move about to happen. We still have to point to an apartment and say, "That's it! That's where we're moving!" but the packing's begun. I think April will continue to be a very interesting month. One thing for sure, I'm going to miss living above a flower shop.


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