While Having Coffee in a Starbucks Along Park Avenue and Watching a Revolving Door

This is what I love about New York City. When you're too early for a meet-up, you can duck in anywhere to kill time. In the past, I've whiled away (and forgotten) time in the Public Library, Bryant Park, Le Pain Quotidien, and even the shops in Grand Central Terminal.

Last Sunday, I decided to have coffee in a Starbucks along Park Avenue. I suppose the day being a Sunday, people were up later than usual because there were hardly any cars anywhere and lo and behold, no line in Starbucks! I got my coffee ( in the now wildly infamous cup which I thought was in a really nice red) and vanilla bean scone and sat on a stool facing the walk.

It wasn't long before people and cars started filling the walks and the streets, and even Starbucks. It also wasn't long before I realized I was staring at a revolving door.

I have a thing about revolving doors. It has a certain efficiency about it for sure but there's something about it that makes me think twice about getting in. Some people take that pause right before stepping onto an escalator. I take pause before getting into a revolving door. More often than not, if a regular door is an option, that's where I'll go.

Maybe it's that momentary feeling of claustrophobia when you're completely encapsulated and insulated from the rest of the world outside. Maybe it's that whoosh of air as you get in that feels like you're being pushed forward--hurry or you'll wind up going around and around! Maybe it's the now-or-never aspect of it. Just like the escalator, I suppose. You either get on it or you don't. You can't stop halfway and turn back. Is it crazy to feel a sense of fulfillment when I'm out of the doors?

I watched a few people getting in and coming out of the doors for a while. None of them paused or hesitated. One guy went for the regular door and had trouble getting in. Apparently, it opened out and not in. He looked irritated by the revelation. Well. Maybe he should have taken the revolving door.

Meanwhile, my Sunday turned out to be a really fun day with old friends in a building that had no revolving doors.

And while I'm on the idea of not stopping halfway, I think that once again, I've overestimated my capabilities. Apparently whatever super powers I have, embroidery isn't one of them. However, I've begun the project so I'm plodding on with it. It'll certainly take longer than getting through a revolving door but I suspect the satisfaction and fulfillment that will come from completing this project will linger much longer.


  1. I'm not so crazy about revolving doors either...I think it might be because sometimes you are stuck with someone in the space with you or maybe it is because you are stuck going at the pace of the slowest person in the revolving door. Either way it isn't my favorite.

    1. Oooohhh--I know that feeling too! Thank goodness I'm not alone in this =) Thanks Debra!


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