Last Post

This will be the last post I'm writing for this blog. All future posts will be found on my other blog at

As I've mentioned, it's time for me to simplify. There is a tendency for me to be very spontaneous and to jump into what I think might be a fun thing to do, hence three blogs! But it's high time I moved on and while focusing tends to be quite the challenge for me, that's what I'm doing. All my art, my thoughts, my finds will be found on just one blog!

I would love it if you would continue following me on just that one blog. You won't be inundated with email updates since my posts will probably come once a week if I stay on top of things. Once a month if I don't but I have several projects lined up that I'm excited to share so let's see where this takes us!

Thank you for keeping up with me here. Hope to see you over on Paper With Everything!


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