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My younger sister and I share a fondness for doodling. We have very different styles when it comes to art and I've been pushing her to draw more. A couple of weeks back, she sent me a link to what looked like a stylus shaped like a fat, flat pencil. I thought it was cute but since the hubby gifted me with two Nomad brushes (with my name engraved on them, no less), I didn't think about getting one for myself.

Another link she sent had something to do with the "pencil." It was artwork turned into a little book on Moleskin! That one caught my attention and before I knew it, I was downloading the app. The app is called Paper by FiftyThree.

The app is great for jotting down or sketching ideas as they come. There's a minimum of tools to work with so you don't have to deal with any major learning curve. The app comes with the pen tool but to be able to use a pencil, a marker, a brush, and an ink pen, you do have make an in-app purchase.

When you start, you'll see a selection of Moleskin books. Choose one and the pages open so you can start doodling. This video will do a better job of explaining how it works:


I have to say I do have fun using the App. At the end of my work hours, I usually plop down on the Yogibo and watch a sitcom or HGTV or a horror flick on Netflix and I make sure I have my iPad and a Nomad brush on hand. When a design or doodle comes to mind, I do quick illustrations. It's become easier with the Paper app. I even enjoy the way it does the Undo function. It's also easy to post the doodles for sharing on Tumblr but I think I'd be more thrilled if I could come up with a little story and illustrate it the way the John Radebaugh did on the video below!


It's a nice gadget to have not only because it makes the doodling or jotting down of ideas easy and fun, it's also a great way to fit in a bit of illustration practice each day. The fact that there are no layer, resizing, or repositioning options forces me to work the way I would if I were illustrating non-digitally.

Meanwhile, I'm going to continue watching out for my sister's doodles.


  1. I've looked at this app before, even though I'd rather just draw on paper or with my Wacom tablet. Call me paranoid but I always wonder about those apps and if there's a way for those people (or someone else) to have access to what you create and steal your idea. With today's open technology, you never know what's possible!

  2. I get what you mean! It's always a risk putting ideas out there in this day and age.


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