A few years ago I had the privilege of working for a Waldorf school. During my stay, I discovered a whole new way of learning. I've always been an advocate of a Montessori Education and I still am, but there's something so "natural" and "earthy" about the Steiner method of education. The words I use might be far from appropriate, but those are the words that always come to mind when I revisit memories of the school.

It was there that I first learned about felting. I've always been a craftsperson--came hand in hand with my art--and I'm always excited when I discover a new craft. One morning, my friend, who was also responsible for bringing me into that wonderful environment, handed me a coin purse and explained that it was "felted." Of course I wanted to learn how it was made but at the time, there were many other things going on and learning a new craft was just not possible.

Fast forward to the present.

I have a habit of following links that interest me only to realize later on that I had lost track of what I was doing in the first place. Well, this is how I discovered a site called Living Felt. Exploring the site was a must! I had seen the bears and the hats and the dolls. The dolls! I have a weakness for anything that has to do with doll making. It's still the one thing I have not been able to give my full attention to. But on the site, there was a link to contest winners and the sight of the dolls had me hooked. Before I knew it, I was ordering the beginner's Bear kit. That's the bear I posted on Facebook!

Last week, I wrapped up work on illustrations for a book written by Laurel Heger. Laurel and I have collaborated on two ebooks for uTales and this time, one of them will be released in print. In honor of the coming release, I decided to felt one of the characters in the book. If time allows, maybe I can do both characters! 

When I decide to start a project, I spend a lot of time seeing the process in my head. It's the same when I illustrate. The images work their way into my head and when they're ready to be let go, I pick up my tools. This character decided it was time last night so as I sat to watch Criminal Minds (not advisable if you're felting), I began to work on the pipe cleaner armature and the head.

So this morning, before taking off for work, I posted this on Facebook.

And that's today's Ta-Dah!!!


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