Wonderful Things

There are multitudes of sites on the web that sometimes get in the way of things I've been meaning to do.  Like updating this blog, for example.  My handy-dandy excuse is always that I have not done any illustration for the blog because I'm working on a project and sometimes, I'm not sure if it's right to post the illustrations for a work that's not entirely my own.  For those of you who know me or are following my blog, you know I'm talking about UTales.

UTales is a site where there are many ebooks available for children and access to them is unlimited for a small monthly fee.  Since I haven't got young children anymore, UTales.com is a place where I "meet" other writers and artists and where I can collaborate with a writer by doing the illustrations for his or her work.  A percentage of the sales is donated to Pencils of Promise and because I was once an educator, I feel good about helping this organization build schools for developing countries.  I also feel really inspired when I look at the work of fellow artists and I intend to post links to their sites here because they do incredible work.

The wonderful thing about visiting other artists' sites is that they usually provide links to other equally wonderful things.  On weekends or sometimes late at night when I'm wrapping up some illustration work, I meander about on such sites and drown myself in the creative masterpieces that evoke feelings of both inspiration and self-doubt (the latter being the whole "OMG my work sucks compared to theirs!").

Last Saturday, I found a link to a video of The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.  I posted it on FB but I want to post it here again because it's just a wonderful thing that shouldn't be missed.  


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