Illustration Friday: Mysterious

Every Friday I still find myself delighted upon finding email from Penelope Dullaghan reminding me once more that it's Friday and that there is an illustration topic to be mused over, thought about (okay, sometimes it's more like agonized about), sketched, drawn, redrawn, sometimes scrapped, sometimes--and this is the ideal--posted.

Yesterday, the email said that the topic was "Mysterious."  I had all sorts of images floating in my head as is usual with me--one of the hazards of juggling a day job in the design business with my own forays in illustration and writing.  I thought I could go for dark in the manner of Tim Burton or dark and quirky like Neil Gaiman.  But then a reminder of what my style really is came with a cousin's remark of how my illustrations make her happy (that's you, Petite P so thank you!) so here is my take on Illustration Friday's Mysterious.

I will be working on an ebook soon for beginning readers.  I actually have an ebook on Barnes and Noble called Read With Me AT Words that's buried in the pile of so many other ebooks for children.  I was trying a how-to from a link shared by Will Terry and the only way to do it was to have something to turn into an ebook.  That's how the AT Words book came to be.

When my boys were toddlers and I felt they were ready to try reading, I came up with quick drawings with three-letter words.  I used the same technique when I was a preschool teacher, sometimes with the aid of a homemade movable alphabet set (a Montessori activity that I recommend to everyone who'll listen).  The wonderful thing about it is that once the idea that the sounds put together make up a word clicks in place for the child, the whole concept of reading just takes off.  I usually didn't have to go too far with the word families.  After the AT word families, I just had to do a few of the EN or the AN families and move on to consonant blends.  Then I find I'm hardly needed anymore--except for the bedtime reading ritual of course.  That took a little longer.

Back to the ebook.  So while my AT Words book is languishing somewhere in the virtual bookshelves of Barnes and Noble, it seems to be telling me that it needs companion books including a guide for parents and teachers.

That should keep my after work and weekends filled--and it's not just to get out of the Illustration Friday commitment.  It's to warn you that you'll be seeing my sketches for the project instead!

By the way, I didn't win the Uncovered Cover Art contest, but the ones who did have amazing bodies of work.  They are Susan Sorrell Hill, Sam Zuppardi, and Tori Elliot.  You can click on their names to see their work.


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