DVD, Check! Yoga Mat, Check! Dog, Check!

Working out at home was always a challenge when we were in Manila.  It wasn't the weather although summer heat can trick you into thinking that you're already sweating anyway and maybe already melting off every last tidbit of that heavenly meal (dessert is the highlight of my meals so you know what I mean).  It wasn't the boredom of having the same workout either because I made sure I had a variety of them.  It was really just Maggie.

I can do all kinds of work around the house and in the room and Maggie would either ignore me or keep a close eye on what I'm doing if seemed interesting enough.  But the moment I rolled out the yoga mat, she just had to lay claim to it.  I'm sure if the Dog Whisperer guy were around, he'd say it's because I wasn't treating Maggie like the dog that she is.  True.  I'm not the alpha human in the house.

However, I've managed to do yoga with her on the mat quite successfully.  In fact, it helped me to focus more because I didn't want to end up with a squashed jug.  The only really bothersome bit was every single time I did a down dog, she just had to crawl up underneath and lick my face!  For the record, she'd do the same thing to my husband when he was doing planks or pushups.  Must be the salt in the sweat.

Oh, and she also knew that when the video stopped, workout was over and she'd leave me and the mat alone.


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