One of Those Days

I am on a cusp.  Or, I am on a fence.  Actually I don't quite know of a better way to put it.  My mind flits back and forth from creating images I'm to work on for a project over to scenarios to key in for a  writing assignment.  There are days when the writing just happens just as illustrations just happen.  But there are also days when both just don't make it out of my head.

They stay there but refuse to budge.  I have a picture but my hand won't make the lines that are in my head.  I have the words but on the screen, they don't look right.  And so I walk about the house, popping nuts and such (I've convinced myself that chewing helps), marinating chicken, checking the washer, and so on, in between sitting to face a monitor with an Adobe Illustrator canvas staring at me.  Next to it is the laptop with my mail and Facebook tabs ready and a blank Word page somewhere in the background.

I console myself with the thought that great writers and artists must have had such days.

A line drawing of me at my work station.


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