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Needle and Thread Doodles

I've been having a love affair with linen ever since I discovered the Fabrics-Store website. Linen had always been that fabric that was itchy and hard to iron. That had been my impression as a child and it stayed that way.

Then I came across an ad on Facebook (I notice I've been discovering lots of treasures there along with lots of trash) and the photographs were of reenactors, household accessories, and even baby clothes all made of what looked like really soft linen. Unable to resist, I followed the link. Well, before I knew it, I had made my first order.

There was no turning back the moment I received the fabric. I've made tea towels, throw pillow covers, a slipcover for the only seat in our living room (still no sofa, I'm afraid, and it's been a year!), and even an apron.

Because I tend to order in 2-yard increments, I'm usually left with scraps large enough to turn into everyday table napkins. I started with the fringed kind because I remembered doing it…

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