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A New Kind of Canvas

I'm learning a lot from Facebook. In fact, it seems that I see more news updates on my FB wall than anywhere else. Then there are the hacks for just about everything. The word "hack" has taken on a new status the same way "likes" and "friended" have. I've taken to sending some of the posts to myself on Messenger just so I can dig them up when needed (like the one on cleaning an iron or drinking water with lemon and baking soda).
Of course I'm particularly drawn to the ones that have to do with the work I do. I'm always on the lookout for new techniques or new ways to get my art on something. So when I saw a sponsored ad by Vida, I naturally clicked on the link and found another way to get my artwork on something useful. I'm big on wearable art!
I have some designs on Zazzle, some fabric on Spoonflower and Patternbank, and I even dipped my toes a bit at the Society6 site. But Vida is different in that I can use a whole surface to get a…

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