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September and New Things

September is my birth month. Every year, I think that it should be the time I start something new and it often happens that I don't. It could be because I do that thing of trying something new at other times of the year. Admittedly, the new things I talk about all have to do with art or crafting or something I came across in Skillshare.

The newest thing for me is learning all I can about using Illustrator more efficiently. I'm no stranger to Illustrator. I began experimenting with it all the way back in 2005, I think. It's come a long way since then as I have but now that there are people who share their knowledge and expertise, I'm learning better ways of using the features to my advantage.

I still use Photoshop for illustrations. In fact, one of my current projects is another collaboration with Laurel Heger and Fox and Rabbit. We've had four collaborations, three of which are Fox and Rabbit stories. The third book is in the works and I've used Photoshop for a…

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