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My First Christmas Fair

I'm quite slow when it comes to socializing. I've always had trouble when it comes to joining groups and such. It didn't seem to be such a big deal back when we were in Connecticut. But then again, in CT, we had family and friends nearby.

It's different here in Foxborough. We have no family in sight. The only people I sort of know are our next-door neighbors and even then, the relationship is more of the hi-there-how's-it-going variety. Since I work from home, most of my days are spent in my studio, either in front of the computer or on my work table.

Every morning, except for Mondays, I make my way to St. Mary's which is a really short walk from the house. I attend daily Mass. Sometimes I pay attention and sometimes my mind is off elsewhere, but being there helps me to get centered.

Because it's become a routine, it was inevitable that in time, I'd get to know some of the ladies by face. A couple have even introduced themselves. One of them, who also …

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